{LIVE} PART 4: Bang Krachao Bike Ride + Travel Inside Thailand, I *think* + Your Questions!

Check out the latest video: {LIVE} PART 4: Bang Krachao Bike Ride + Travel Inside Thailand, I think + Your Questions! https://youtu.be/9-yGekjXYdc

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I thought that the best way to assist as many of you as possible with specific questions or scenarios is to schedule some one on one time BUT then my schedule filled up for about 2-3 weeks out. So, that didn’t work out too well.
Additionally, I had a few people book time and then not show up.
So, ultimately, that time was taken away from someone else and I also committed to being there. I realized that paradigm did not work well.
I have had recommendations from friends that if you charge the person, say $50, then they have “skin in the game” and they will Very Likely show up.
But, I’m not really interested in Charging money for this sort of thing. SO, I think the best way to answer your questions, is to do it Here. Live. On YouTube!!
Looking forward to chatting with all of you on the upcoming Live Stream.
Live the Dream!

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