Check out the latest video: (Part 6) “SHY” PLANTS? a QUICK STOP FOR MORE “FOSSIL BEACH “| KRABI, THAILAND RANDOM STOPS https://youtu.be/Mg0DRX1013o

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PART 6 – of the “Krabi, Thailand series of beach walking and exploration via motorbike”…
I first discovered these “retracting” plants on Gracie’s farm. The kids took me for a walk and showed them to me. They refer to them at “Shy” Plants – presumably becuase they “hide” when you touch them. So, this was a great little pause to check them out as well as bring back a WONDERFUL memory I had, spending time with Gracie on her family farm and getting to know the family! GREAT TIMES! :–)
Like Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu National Park, this whole entire area, basically all of “Krabi”, is part of the Ko Phi Phi National Park system. a.k.a. ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME! :–) This is anohter solid mass of what looks like concrete at times but, is indeed a formation from Gastropod shells from 75 million years ago.
Just one more stop of the road of awesome that is Life In beautiful Kingdom of Thailand.
Thanks Buddha, I owe you a smoothie!

As part of my AirAsia Unlimited Pass, I headed down to Krabi, took a minivan for only 150 THB
to Ao Nang beach and began a vacation that ended up turning into an EXCELLENT week of reflection, prioritization, thinking, planning and gratitude.
Here’s video #2 of… several.
Stay tuned 🙂
Live The Dream!


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