Thailand O-A Visa: No proof of Insurance requested during Nov 24 2019 entry.

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I received my O-A visa on approximately Oct 10, 2019. *Before* the announcement that as of Oct 31, 2019, proof of health insurance (from a list of approved providers) would be a requirement for getting your Long Stay, Multiple entry Visa for Thailand for those over 50. Or the O-A visa, commonly referred to as the Retirement Visa.
My experience as of today, Nov 21, 2019, was that, upon presenting my passport and Visa to the immigration officer, he stamped me in with an “exit date” of what looks like Nov 19, 2020. The guy’s handwriting is pretty lousy. We’ll see what date is listed in “the system” when I go into my local immigration office in about 80 or so days to do my “90 day reporting” for the first time and give them my where-a-bouts.
But for now, the main purpose of this video is to simply report that the officer did Not ask me for any proof of insurance. In fact, the Immigration Officer did not say even 3 words to me. Fair enough. He did his job and stamped me in. Quite frankly, this has been my experience 95% of the time. I think only once did they ask me for some additional piece of info. Perhaps the return ticket…? I honestly don’t remember. Really, I’ve never had any issue other than waiting in line longer than I’d like. And, to be clear, I’d rather not wait in line AT ALL – haha. Who likes lines, right? But during this evening ~30 minutes from when I walked off the plane until I was through with the stamping was fine… I’m in.
Thanks and welcome to Thailand.
The journey of life continues.
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