The Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa (Five Stars in Thailand) First swim!

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As part of our vacation… we went on vacation. From the city of angels (a.k.a. Bangkok) we hopped on a quick 1 hour Bangkok Airways flight from Suvarnabhumi (BKK) to Phuket (HKT) to spend 3 relaxing nights at The Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa. Mission accomplished. Here’s a checkin during our First Swim. The pool was about 2 meters in front of our door.
THIS was a major benefit, when we arrived at about 1pm. By 5:00pm I realized we were in a heavy traffic area. By 7:00pm the annoyingly loud Chinese tourists outside – even though there were only like 6 of them – prompted me to head to the front desk and politely say, “I did not realized a “pool room” meant a “loud room near Chinese tourists… do you have a Very Quite room, please?”
aaaaaand about 20 minutes later, Gracie and I were packing up our bags to head to the Bungalow that you will see in some upcoming videos.
For now though, I hope you enjoy the check-in and discussion from the pool.
Thanks for watching.
…stay tuned.