Train to Prachuap Khiri Khan 760 Baht from Hua Hin

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After a night in Hua Hin, a city Gracie and I had already been to several times just for the day, we decided to explore Thailand some more via train. So, we walked back to the Hua Hin train station and took the train about 1 and a half hours further south to Prachuap Khiri Khan. PKK turned out to be One of my top 5 favorite places in Thailand. The speed there is SO CHILL its great. Its even more relaxing that Cha-Am.
We did hear from a few folks that live there permanently, that PKK can actually get quite busy and rowdy. Apparently Prachuap Khiri Khap is the “capital” of Phetchaburi province so during big holidays and festivals This is the place they have big celebrations!
But, during our 2 days it was VERY mellow. With the evening little “street food market” right along the water the biggest excitement we saw. We really never ventured more than about 2 blocks inland.
LOVE IT!! Being the Beach Guy that I am – this was a hugely welcomed time.
Cha-Am is hardly a horrible place to stay and considering the deal we got on our condo at Lumpini Sea View Condo it was one of the best months in Thailand.
BUT Exploration is in my blood so it was nice to get out and explore.
So – this is the start of a few videos of our Prachuap Khiri Khan mini-vacation.. from my vacation up in Cha-Am.
Enjoy 🙂