Train Trip to Hua Hin (part 1) from Cha-Am on the “Ordinary” Train

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Gracie and I decided to take the train from Cha-Am down to Hua Hin this morning. Unlike in the past when we have gone to Hua Hin for running errands and such things, only going for a few hours, we would take a mini van. This trip will involve a few “new” experiences.
First, we plan on staying overnight.
Second, we will be taking the train. This part I’m really psyched for!!
The State Railway of Thailand or SRT system, I pleasantly learned, is a pretty mature system. It’s not brand new nor amazingly shiny like you’d experience in China’s Mega Cities or that of Japan however, I felt quite safe and the cost, or more accurately, the VALUE, is exceptional.
So for part one, join us on the beginning of our journey and our ~30 minute ride south.

Thanks for watching.
Happy New Year!