*Update* Bangkok – Grocery Delivery is working well here.

Check out the latest video: https://youtu.be/rJ9vUEJfDEE

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ9vUEJfDEE&w=480&h=270]

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A few friends asked me “how do you eat with all the restaurants and malls closed in Thailand?” Well, even before this using GrabFood or FoodPanda (our Uber Eats) for food delivery was/is Very Common. For the most part, unless its a huge order all deliveries come on a motorbike and have rarely taken more than 30 minutes to arrive once ordered.
Now, I’m using very similar delivery techniques for my groceries and am in the habit of of using Grab for that as well. Additionally, a fairly new delivery service: Happy Fresh has emerged a very popular new startup with infinitely more work than they can handle, as you might guess.
This eliminates the need for me to go out. So, just wanted to do a quick update on how *many* people here in Bangkok are surviving… Its really Not much of a hardship. This too shall pass. Its more a big disappointment that i simply cannot go outdoors and get some exercise – I LOVE walking around this city – Bangkok is amazing!

Until tomorrow!