When in doubt: “do Buddha”

I woke up around 5am today and after a bit of a mental check in with my higher power (more discussion/blogging/vlogging on that in another post For SURE) I checked my phone.

A friend of mine sent me a message: “I go do Buddha for about 3 days… I stay at temple now”

Clearing the mind... and still being a bit goofy.

Clearing the mind… and still being a bit goofy.

If you aren’t familiar with the Thai culture (and I am only a novice) “do Buddha” means the person is going to go to a Thai Buddhist temple and stay there (day and night) for prayer, reflection, meditation, chanting, and quiet time.  Sure, there is a bit of work that also happens sometimes but for the most part this is a time for prayer, to clear the mind, and also Get some clarity on what to do.  Many Thais I speak with wish they could spend a LOT longer at temple “doing Buddha” but there is a conflicting battle with doing this and needing to provide for their family: for Mama, Papa, and children.

I often wonder, What is my “Buddha”?  What’s your “Buddha”?

I know that I love going back home to where I grew up: Hingham, Massachusetts.  Provided its in the summer and its WARM! 🙂

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7ClZpqOuVI?rel=0]

So, I guess, while I do not claim to be as spiritually centered as my Thai friends…


I definitely seek out a place that is comfortable and allows me to get quiet, reflect AND look to toward the future.  I hope you’re join me an learn with me as the discovery of awesome continues!

Let’s do this!