a *Grand* Palace afternoon. Bangkok, Sept 2017

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Gracie and I took the Hop On-Hop Off ferry up the Chao Phraya river to the Grand Palace. Last December, 2016 when we were in Bangkok we decided to only go to Wat Pho. The Grand Palace at that time was Very busy as MANY Thais were mourning the recent loss of their King. A very sad time in Thailand… So, we wanted to get them their time and space and not be too touristy.
Today’s trip to the Grand Palace once again, gave me a great spiritual refresh. Even though you could argue this location is one of The biggest tourist attractions in Thailand, there is still something very peaceful and welcoming about these temples. I love it here.

It was indeed one of the hottest days, and we were outside at The hottest time of the day so, water and foot massages took priority over the free tour of the beautiful grounds on this day in September. We’ll be back in November and I don’t usually need much prodding to get me to go to any place where Buddhist worship is so easily available.

I love you Thailand. Mak. Mak.