AIS Design Center (D.C) Emporium Co-Working Space

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I stumbled across the AIS-sponsored co-working space that is on the top floor of the Emporium Mall in Bangkok. Its a fairly simple, small library-like open space with many open shared tables, a few comfy padded lounge chairs, a few private rooms for meetings as well as a basic video studio.
BUT, the sweetest part is that for 1200 Thai Baht (~$40 USD) i now have a *1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP* — I think this is an EPIC deal. BUT, the sweetest thing is the WiFi/Internet connectivity. told me I had ~150Mbps down and ~75 Mbps up. For a room full of laptops and a larger percentage being heavy Internet users, I am very pleased with this performance. I was able to upload a few YouTube videos until my battery(s) died.
HA! –
Its either the power for the data, ain’t it! Sigh.

Hope you enjoy the quick check in. If you want more information check it out here: