Street Food $12 USD covers Dinner and Breakfast

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Just wanted to give a quick example of what we eat several nights of the week. It may not be your favorite meal solution but for us Street Food or food from little stalls down little alleys (Soi) in Thailand are some of our favorite meals.

For about $12 we get dinner for two with some drinks and breakfast for the morning. From the perspective of the places where we eat in the US: San Diego, CA, Coronado, Boston, Las Vegas, etc… this is next to nothing.
I think that we actually ended up buying more food that we really *needed* to eat during this meal… it seems so inexpensive when we get it that I think my “eyes are bigger than my stomach” …
I have so many experiences like this when in Thailand.
The cost of living, and for me my “living” is basically being on vacation, which you could argue is infinitely more expensive than if you are truly Living in a city as a long-term (e.g. 3+ months) resident.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the little summary and we hope to be able to meet you one day and share some awesome Thai street food!!

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