Ao Manao Beach – Prachuap Khiri Khan (part 1)

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Gracie and I awoke to a Gorgeous Sunrise from the balcony at our hotel: Hadthong right on the beach in Prachuap Khiri Khan.
Breakfast was included with our room so, after this “free” breakfast, we walked across the road behind the hotel and for 200 Baht (~ $6.60) plus about $2 in fuel, we rented a motorbike. The bike included 2 helmets. 😉
We took a little ride just south of our hotel which takes us through the Wing 5 Airbase.
Here is some info on the airbase:

Wing 5, the Prachuap Airbase

We had to “sign in” at the entry gate by just writing my passport number and name on a paper attached to a clip board. This is not hugely enforced and its actually a nice way to greet the guards that stand at the entrance.
Once at Ao Manao beach we realized, in the evening, the once flat-sand turns into a beach filled with little balls of sand – generated by little crabs burrowing into the sand only a few centimeters below the surface.
Ao Manao is one of THE Quietest and most peaceful Thai beaches I have ever been to. I LOVED It. It is a Great “walking” beach as the slope is next to nothing so, no weird slant to your heips and the hard pack sand is very clean and there are Plenty of places to duck in between the trees to find your own slice of privacy.
Prachuap Khiri Khan is definitely in my TOP 10 places of Thailand FOR SURE!
I hope if you get to Thailand, you make it a point to head South of Hua Hin as its a real treat!!!
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