Why Thailand (Part 5) Bangkok Lumpini Park, Jan 20, FREEDOM = True Wealth #GratitudeAttack

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I wanted up make sure I upload this video today, Monday, January 20th (in the US) as this has historically been the Last day I would have/could have spent on vacation and away from the office during the very long “Christmas Break” or “Holiday Break” or “semester break” of “over New Years” or whatever label you prefer.
Suffice it to say,, normally, during the time period some where between mid December and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday I would be in SE Asia since my first trip to this part of the world, back in 2013.
And on this particular Martin Luther King day, in 2020, I am gratefully, NOT traveling back to San Diego nor going back to sit in my cold, grey office at the University of San Diego.
Don’t get me wrong, San Diego was and this is (for many people) a *fantastic* place. There is a high percentage of people in the US that believe refer to San Diego as “America’s Finest City” and ask many people in the ‘states and they will usually revert to some exclamation of “San Diego has perfect whether”. And for many people, including me, for a LOT of years, it did. BUT once I found Thailand, and then other countries in South East Asia and Gracie, well, a lot of the “awesome” that was once San Diego just wasn’t there for me any longer.