Ao Manao Beach – Walk ‘n’ Chat, This is “PERFECT” = Living The Dream in Thailand

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In the previous video “Ao Manao Beach – Prachuap Khiri Khan (part 1)”
{ } Gracie and I walked down to the end of Ao Manao beach here in Prachuap Khiri Khan. As we started walking back… well, as I started walking back and Gracie sat in the shade of a nearby tree, protecting herself from the death-rays of the mighty red-yellow ball in the sky.. yeh know, because she’s Asian 😉
I pause, however briefly, and realized the THIS was one of those “views” that I had had in my mind. One of those “pictures” or maybe even “fantasies” of what my life would be like or what a day might be like when I “moved to Thailand”
I was reviewing my YouTube channel the other day and in one of the descriptions I stated that “my goal is to move to Thailand by ~April 2018”. I landed at Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok International Airport on 21 November, 2019. So, I am *really* happy with that. about 18 months past my original goal is VERY acceptable for me.
In fact, I’m still “pinching myself” MANY times per week.
I am THE Luckiest Guy In The World!
I genuinely hope that you feel the same way about your life!
Live the Dream!