In The Kingdom 2 months, Check in From Bangkok, Thailand

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Here’s the link to my story, “Surrender, Succeed, Win!” in the book, “Defining Moments of Courage”:

As of 21 Jan 2020, I have been in the Land of Smiles for 2 months so, I wanted to check in and just give a quick update on how VERY HAPPY I am with my decision to move to Thailand — To Move MY LIFE to Thailand.
One could argue this is a Pretty Bold Move, from the perspective of the “average American”.
While I have never really considered myself, nor most of my peer, friends and colleagues to be “average Americans”, still, the discussion of,
“So, I’m going to sell everything, quit my job and move to Thailand…” “….you wanna come with?”
That is not a common, “Over Coffee” discussion that yields anything more than laughter.
Well, 2 months in I’m THRILLED with my decision and am looking forward to what the future has in store!
Thanks for watching and for all those who comment – I *really* appreciate the time you take to do so.
Again, here’s the link to my story in the book, Defining Moments of Courage:

Live the Dream!