Audio Geek-out and Found a Giant Swing! to Explore

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Continuing on from a previous video { } from when I arrived at The Old Siam Shopping Plaza, I thought I’d just take a quick few minutes and show you my loot!
It was surprisingly easy to find the audio connectors I was looking for as well as a soldering iron and some decent solder. All for a very low price. Thank You AMORN Electronics!

As I was taking a few minutes to get all my stuff together, I then looked on my phone at Google Maps to try and find the easiest way home. Luckily, there is an MRT stop near by. The beauty of the public transit in Bangkok is that once I get to either the MTS or the BTS I can pretty much get to where I need to go Very Easily.
As I was looking at the map, planning , my walk, I see “Giant Swing” on the map. “Well! Cleeeeeearly THAT is something I must check out!” my brain says to me.
So, stay tuned for the next video (don’t worry I’ll upload it shortly after this one) where I walk over to said Giant Swing.

Bangkok has a TON of things to do!!! and while I have mentioned them before in a few posts as well as VLOGs the guys who do “The Bangkok Podcast”, who have lived here for almost 20 years, each, constantly comment about how there are STILL new things they find to do.
This is a gross understatement.
Bangkok, with all its imperfections, still remains one of my TOP favorite cities in the world… and there is not even a Beach Here!!!! Crazy, that I would ever have an degree of affinity to a Big City with concrete and traffic everywhere and no beach but Bangkok, for some reason Really fits me well!

Thanks for watching.
Live the Dream!