Check In from Saphan Han Bridge on way to Old Siam Shopping Plaza

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I was out buying a little mixer to *ideally* help the audio sound better for the YouTube Live Streams and found the “local” Behringer dealer.
A little audio shop called Boosey and Hawkes:
A word of caution – the prices they have listed on their website are not accurate 🙁
I ended up buying the Behringer Xenyx 302B:
and while it doesn’t have a built-in compressor in the MIC channel is does a great job of keeping a low-cost condenser MIC from clipping and the A-D conversion (i.e. analog audio to USB out) was Exactly what I was looking for. So for 2500 THB (~$79 at the current (20 Feb. 2020 exchange rate) I’m quite pleased as this is only about $15 more than what it would have cost me on back home (keeping in mind I have Amazon Prime so, free shipping) BUT I got instant gratification AND got to explore some of Bangkok which, honestly, is TOTALLY worth $15!!!
In fact, as part of the this exploration, I learned about this cool bridge I highlight in this video as well as an “Alley Market” as I call them, I also made a new friend on the bus, and got to check out a new mall, a new electronics store and finally, found he Giant Teak Swing frame in the middle of the street – videos forthcoming 🙂

As always, I really am grateful and thankful for your comments and appreciate you taking the time to watch.
Live the Dream!