Ballistic Missiles make me think about what’s Important

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Sunday, Jan 14, 2018 I was reviewing my emails and various social media feeds I’m subscribed to. As you might guess the false alarm (thank Gawd!) of an inbound ballistic mission that was received on Hawaiian cell phones on Saturday, Jan 13, 2018 was top of the list! As I read a few of my friends’ posts about it on Facebook my first thought was about my folks; how would I get in contact with them!!?? Then, almost immediately, I thought about Gracie. Who, at present, is home in her country of the Philippines.
I thought to myself, “What would I do if this were Not a false alarm and I got this message on my phone?”… then, I thought, “Why am I here!?!!! and not with her?” 🙁

I know the answer obviously… My current work/career and home is in San Diego – hardly a horrible place to be, right?

While I am not saying that I will base my future life plans or decisions on the low probably threat that I could die tomorrow from an ICBM landing in my front yard, it did give me pause and think about what’s “Important” in my life….

Hours later I landed in San Francisco and have a conference I’m attending this week up here… I took a nice walk around the Oyster Point are just up the street from the South San Francisco conference center and thought I’d check in and share some thoughts.

Hope you’re Living the Dream!!!