Coconut Island, Phuket Thailand (part 2) – Needs vs. Wants

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We I’m in a new environment, I do some comparisons. What I like MORE than other places I’ve been… What I like LESS. What I’m grateful for and what I need to add to my life. In this check in, I was thinking about the difference between NEEDS vs. WANTS.
In “the west” I think that I confuse the 2 sometimes. I need the ability to get from point A to point be. BUT, I want an Acura… I don’t really *want* a Kia or even a bus pass… Yet, I *do* want spending money to stay at an AirBnB on Coconut Island near Phuket Thailand so maybe the bus pass is an ever better option than I thought! HA!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy my little check in from Coconut Island and hope that you ARE Living the Dream.
thats a need for ME.. maybe only a want for others.

Looking forward to learning more about how you define wants vs. needs in your life.
All the best,