Benjakitti Park, Bangkok Thailand (PART 2)

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This video is about Benjakitti Park (Part 2 of 3):

We take the BTS Skytrain to Asok station. Then an easy walk to Benjakitti Park (and YES, I am sadly, fully aware that I pronounce the park incorrectly… its NOT, “Benjakki”… its BENJAKITTI – hopefully you can ignore my ignorance and enjoy the scenery and discussion abut the part and the beauty of this place.

**some more info on Benjakitti Park:

Its truly one of the gems of Bangkok. I think the more I discover about Bangkok, the more I like it.
I still believe I am in tourist mode with a slight transition into part-time resident… VERY part time. But, I still feel like Gracie and I live a little bit closer to ‘locals’ on the “tourism continuum” :–)

Hope you enjoy.
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