Benjakitti Park (part 1) Bangkok Thailand

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As mentioned in this and other videos it is Super Convenient as it has a covered walkway directly from the BTS Thong Lo station. If you know anything about Bangkok, or southeast Asia in general, it rains. And, when its rains… Yep, you guessed it – it POURS! It had to walk (run?) about 50 feet.. in a suit.. and got drenched. Then, I was in a hotel conference room with air conditioning. As you might guess, this is certainly imperfect. For the most part the clothes dry out fairly quickly but its still annoying if you are going somewhere, other than back home and don’t have the option of taking Off your wet clothes and having dry towels near by. Ha!

Here is some Noble Remix condo info:

NEXT: We take the BTS Skytrain to Asok station. Then an easy walk to Benjakitti Park (and YES, I am sadly, fully aware that I pronounce the park incorrectly… its NOT, “Benjakki”… its BENJAKITTI – hopefully you can ignore my ignorance and enjoy the scenery and discussion abut the part and the beauty of this place.

**some more info on Benjakitti Park:

Its truly one of the gems of Bangkok. I think the more I discover about Bangkok, the more I like it.
I still believe I am in tourist mode with a slight transition into part-time resident… VERY part time. But, I still feel like Gracie and I live a little bit closer to ‘locals’ on the “tourism continuum” :–)

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