BluPort Mall Hua Hin, Lunch at FoodHall

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Gracie and I take one of the many mini-vans that travel to/from Hua Hin and Cha-Am throughout the day from near our place in Cha-Am down to BluPort Mall. BluPort is the newest and nicest mall in the area. Hardly in competition with are mega-malls of Bangkok like Terminal 21, ICON SIAM, or Emporium / EMQuartier but for Hua Hin its THE mall. It has the standard Thai installations of a floor for Movie Cinema, a floor for Banking, and one for IT, Telecommunications and Cellular phone companies, etc… The latter is the reason we went today. My goal is to change my AIS *PRE*pay plan to a *POST*pay plan such that I can get the 1,099 Baht/month plan that allows for “Unlimited” Internet (i.e. 100GB) at up to 300Mpbs (i.e. 4GLTE) speeds. I’ve been able to realize 50Mpbs down and 30Mbps up on my phone here in Thailand and that works just fine for the surfing and YouTube-ing I am doing as a hobby during my travels.
SO, while at BluPort, we went downstairs to take part in a very common past time in Thailand, as well as many other parts of Asia – eating at the food court in the mall.
This kind of thing could easily be looked at as pretty low class and having pretty lousy food quality in the US but in many parts of Asia, as we’ve discovered, the food courts (in this case the Food Hall) provides good quality food at very reasonable prices.
We’ve also found this to be the case in Hong Kong and Singapore – arguably 2 of the highest cost locations on the planet and some of the best food can be found in little street vendor hawker stalls and in malls. Just Awesome.
So, thought we’d check in.
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