Cha-Am Forest Park – Urban Forest Nov 2019

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Quite accidentally, Gracie and I discovered a small park just down the street from our new condo here in the southern area of Cha-Am Beach: Cha-Am Forest Park, Urban Forest:
Google Map:
หนองแจง ชะอำ Nong Chaeng Alley, Cha-am, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi 76120

So after a few errands we needed to run at
MAKRO Food Service Cha-Am ( )
as well as BIG C ( )
we dropped off the goods back at home and took a quick 4 minute motorbike ride, which could also be a pretty nice 14 minute walk some other day as well.

So, this view is just our quick stroll around the fairly small park.
Now, we have heard and there are Many photos if you do a quick “Google search” of the location that there are plenty of monkeys at this location.
SADLY we didn’t see one 🙁
We are big fans of monkey and honestly we think a pet monkey could be a huge win BUT, no such luck today.
Still, hope you enjoy the video!
Live the Dream!