Check In and Update from Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Thailand, Jan/Feb 2020

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As I was “in between condos” and wanted to meet up with a buddy who was staying down in Pattaya for about a month, a week of “Vacation” from my vacation was clearly over due. Haha.
I met up with another friend in Bangkok and we took a Grab Taxi for about 1300 Baht down to our hotel on Soi 5 in Pattaya.
Interestingly enough it was the first weekend of Chinese New Year but given whatever factors that were affecting tourism and/or travel this season, there were plenty of Vacancies and as per usual, ~1000THB for a decent new, clean room with a/c and decent WiFi is easily obtainable in the beach city.

One of the other places I really like to go is another beach, just south of Pattaya, Jomtien beach. Here it’s a bit less “crazy” vs. Pattaya but I also have several meetings with friends I go to there.
On this particular afternoon, I decided to stay near the beach and make a few videos as well as test out some live streaming and even do a live stream (link here: ).
in this video I wanted to give a quick update on what Gracie and I will likely be up to over the next few months.

The location I picked for this video was pretty cool. I bet that when this condo complex first opened, right here on the beach this fountain was magnificent. Indeed, it’s still pretty nice but it lacks water. so, a bit less “magnificent” for sure but I’m able to actually sit in here without SCUBA gear and do a video and I did t need my waterproof Go-Pro haha!

Thanks so much for following and commenting and your interest in our journey. This move to Thailand has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and sharing it with you is great fun!!!
Stay tuned for more.
Live The Dream.