Golden Dome Cabaret Show Review, Bangkok Thailand, Jan 2020

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Gracie and I went to the Golden Dome Cabaret Ladyboy Dance show.
For sure, there are more than just ladyboy dancers and performers in the show. There are indeed male dancers, like more of these types of shows.
Sadly, our review of this one is that it is The Worst one I have seen. I’ve seen both the shows in Pattaya: Alcazar and Tiffany Show. Tiffany Show is arguably one of the Best if not THE Best of these shows that all other shows model themselves afterward.
But, back to Golden Dome.
The facility is fairly old and a bit weathered on the outside however the seats inside are decent. The legroom for the average attendee (i.e. NOT a 6 foot 2″ ++ person) is adequate.
You are provided with plastic cups of water from cardboard boxes as you queue through the line into the theater. Its good enough I suppose as you really aren’t in there more than about 90 minutes.
For whatever reason the theater was filled with mosquitoes that kept biting our ankles – annoying and distracting!
The show begins with a monologue by a woman that lasted about 15 minutes all in Chinese (Mandarin, I believe) I hard No Idea what she was saying as I am sadly, completely ignorant to Chinese. My issue, not anyone else’s.
Then after about 15 minutes the “show” actually starts, as far as I am concerned with a very pretty ladyboy singing a popular western pop/dance song… well, lip syncing (which is of course what is Always done at these shows). She did a pretty decent job or about the first 90 to 120 seconds, then she missed some lyrics and was off time so, we both tried to No pay attention to her month.
While she did smile quite a bit, throughout her performance and the remainder of the show, it was quite apparent that the performers were unhappy or tired or simply did not wan to be there or perhaps were not trained properly, who knows. I was not expecting Cirque de Soleil but this was like a high school talent show in spots.
Bottom line, Gracie and I had a great time laughing together so I’m glad we went BUT we definitely Cannot recommend it if you are an English-speaking western tourist. I just don’t think you will find it entertaining.
Put it this way, at least 5 times, when the theater would go black and the curtain would close, I was hoping the show was over. But, no, it was just a scene/set change.

Sorry Golden Dome. I guess I’m not your “ideal client”.
Gracie and I are in search of our Next Show – likely Alcazar and Tiffany Show in Pattaya.
The *search* for THE SHOW, must go on! 😉
Thanks for watching.
All the best.