Check in Langkawi Beach (2018)

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I found some more videos from our travels last year. And, since, for the most part, I upload these videos to keep my Mum updated on my travels so she doesn’t feel like I am so far away; as I am literally on the Other Side of the World from where my parents live.
Additionally, Facebook has been reminding both Gracie and I of what were doing/posting about “1 year ago” for the past few weeks.
They have been great reminders of just how lucky we both are and the great places be have been able to explore!
So, this is just one of those places: a beach just down the street from our hotel in Langkawi, a nice, chill, small island in Malaysia. During this trip we went to Langkawi as well as Penang and Langkawi won hands down. That said, Malaysia was our least favorite country we have explored in SE Asia so far. Main reason? The people. While they were not horrible people, they simply were really not friendly. We have given Malaysia a “fair try”, I believe. At least 3 tries. KL 3 times, both full week-long stays as well as lay-overs and even a few Transits thru KLIA (a HUGE, modern airport) and then full-on tourist areas like Langkawi and Penang. Penang is a well documented and well adopted expat area as well.
However, we both were not blown away by any of the locations.
We simply “feel” better in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and of course, Gracie’s home, the Philippines.
** keep in mind the times we were in Hong Kong were a FULL YEAR before any of the nonsense that was occurring in the late summer and early fall of 2019 was even a distant fantasy. We could have never expected the riots and looting and damage and destruction that occurred to have occurred. From the lens of September, November, and December of 2018 as well as mid-late January of 2019, Hong Kong was frequently referred to by us as SAFE, CLEAN, and a great place for us.
Not any more.

I digress… Hope you enjoy this little walk about the beach on Langkawi.
Thanks for watching.