Mystery Solved: Wednesday is Only-Child Beach in Cha-Am, Thailand

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Gracie and I wanted to see what a weekday was like at the beach in Cha-Am so we woke up one random morning and today, Wednesday, seemed like as good a day as any. We hopped on the motorbike and as we left the condo and turned left onto the Beach Road, heading north, we immediately noticed there were NO chairs. And not just No chairs like there are no chairs at night, as the break down the chairs and umbrellas after sunset and then load up the chairs on the carts to haul them off, trailering them away, hitched to a motorbike. This was a complete removal of ALL chairs!
As we rode some more, we noticed that there we no people and no vendors either.
How peculiar, we thought.
I posted on a few of the groups I’ve found on Facebook:
e.g. Cha-Am and Hua Hin Expats:
and Hua Hin Expats:
and others and quite quickly, a response came back:
This happens EVERY Wednesday….
They do it to clean the beach….
AH HA! very cool.
Mystery solved.
It’s so cool being “the new guy in town” and discovering these things!!!
Thanks for watching.