Disneyland = Lousy Customer Experience: AMTRAK back to San Diego. Disneyland (2 of 2)

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After about 11 hours walking around Disneyland I realized that the amount of time spent standing in line and waiting while at a Disney part is at least 50% of the time there. There is not debate that ANY amusement park experience is made up of rides that are X minutes of adventure, preceded by 10X to 30X minutes standing in a maze-like line of people I normally would NOT hang out with.

In summary: the experience at Disney with was Totally Awesome, *BECAUSE* I was with Gracie. All Disney did was provide me with about 2 hours of entertainment (not concurrently) interlaced with 8+ hours of waiting in line and/or walking through a sea of people who also seemed disappointed at:
– the ridiculous prices of everything
– the closing of rides due to mechanical failures
– lack of items that were advertised (e.g. ice cream, water!!!!!)
– waiting in line

Afterward, it was so sweet to just plop ourselves down on two seats on the AMTRAK back to San Diego from Anaheim. Driving home on the I-5 would have been brutal and actually a bit unsafe given how tired we both were.
I *realllllly* wish Amtrak went straight to LAX. I guess I can understand why though – for the most part, train travel is no where near as popular as getting in a car and driving. So, to be fair, the financial cost of extended railway(s) to the Los Angeles International Airport would indeed be significant and the payback might take 40 years. In that time, self-driving cars will be taking me to LAX… shoot in 4 years I bet I’ll have taken at least ONE!

The other summary I touch on in this video is of the customer service provided by Disney. For years, I have heard and indeed experienced the Awesome that is synonymous with a Disney Park Experience. This day was not Disney-Awesome. Is was also not Six-Flags annoying, thank Gawd. BUT, it was definitely sub par and each time I had to pay $4 for water or $15 for chicken and rice or wait in a line for 45 minutes only to hear the PA system announce the ride was closed due to mechanical failures for an indefinite amount of time…
I find it offensive that there is no financial compensation for lack of service yet there is a financial demand for services rendered…. followed by a box car full of legaleeze that basically states that “We will not be held accountable for ANYTHING and you have NO RIGHTS once you enter our private property…” Its pretty lame when you think about it.. BUT, whatever, Gracie and I were there to have an experience together and as I realized, a bad experience WITH Gracie is infinitely better than a good experience without her. So – its a win!!! 🙂

I truly hope there is someone who responds with something fo the flavor of, “WOW – that was NOT my experience with Disney, EVER!!!!… ” Sadly, though, the few posts I did make during our adventure were only supported and even “one upped” by someone having an even worst time. Sad.

NOTE: stay tuned for many many more videos that are centered around Fun and Gratitude and Living the Dream!!!

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