Only 60 seconds at Immigration in Bangkok (BKK). APEC BTC is a HUGE win!

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This video is my check in before and after I get thru Thai Immigration at Suvarmnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok, in less than 60 seconds because of my APEC BTC – the Asia Pacific Economic Community Business Travel Card.
If you have ever had to wait in the Immigration line at any airport really, then you have done just that: Waited. While I understand that queuing up and waiting my turn is simply a part of life in many scenarios, there ARE certain scenarios where with a little bit of research, and planning and paperwork and money, it is possible to have a much shorter wait.

I made it through Thai Immigration via the Priority Lane in less than 60 seconds with my APEC Business Travel Card (BTC). This time. I have indeed used some of the Priority Lane cards that you get from either buying them on line, or getting them as part of your business class or first class ticket, or your Fast Track service from the airport or Fast Track service provided through the taxi service you might use but, *this* “APEC Card” I can use at all of the APEC countries:

from WiKipedia, the TWENTY ONE (21) APEC countries are: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Thailand, United States, Vietnam.

Getting this card as a US citizen is accomplished by First, getting Global Entry. Global Entry is one of the ways to “fast track” your entry into the United States. Primarily for frequent travelers it is part of the larger program called Trusted Traveler. SENTRI is also one of the benefits of the Trusted Traveler program: allowing for a quicker entry into the US from Mexico, either via land (walking or car) or Air