Emporium, EM Quarter, Phrom Phong BTS Bangkok

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Emporium and EM Quarter and 2 malls that are quite luxurious. Across from each other on Sukhumvit and the BTS Phrom Phong station. We thought we’d see if there are any appearing movies to see…
Its the latter part of November/Early part of December so For Sure the Christmas decorations make sense and area nice festive site.
Interestingly enough, one of the reasons I started traveling AWAY from the US during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is the annoying attention put upon shopping. Shopping, specifically Christmas shopping seems to have become more about being Forced to buy gifts so those in your life that you care about. I prefer to give and receive “gifts” throughout the year. The ones that come randomly. Gifts that are not seasonal and (almost Most important) gifts of things that I can actually USE!
I’ve said that “The best Things in life are NOT Things!”. Gratefully, Gracie feels the same way so we both like to get out and about and have less “stuff” and more *Experience*.
So, traveling in South East Asia this holiday season is on the calendar once again. Its going to be a bit shorter of a trip than last year as far as the time we will spend in S.E.A. but with her new US Tourist Visa be get to spend a ton of time together – thats a big blessing.

Thanks for watching – Hope you enjoy.
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