Evening Thai Food Court: Som Tom (Papaya Salad) Pok Pok

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Just down the street (Sukhumvit) from our condo is a great little spot with little metal tables and plastic chairs and about 10 food stalls. I stopped and got some Som Tam a.k.a. Papaya Salad or “Pok Pok”. “Pok Pok” because that is the sound that big stick/mallet makes when it is pounded into the clay bowl. This Som Tam was 40 Baht or about $1.25, we also got some Basil Pork with rice and a fried egg ($2.13) as well as some Mango & sticky rice ($1.22) and some BBQ chicken on a stick ($0.61 x 2). … Just a quick check-in and then a 10 minute walk back to the condo and life is good!