Grape Island – (pt.5) Summer in Hingham, MA

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More Grape Island. As you might guess, the song “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” came to mind as I was walking about the dock. For some reason I can spend hours hanging out pretty much anywhere that is near “the ocean”. Its calming to me while at the same time it gives me energy. Positive energy. I know, sounds a bit hokey, right? Well, to be fair, it has to be warm out for me to enjoy it!
I can also spend hours on docks. I have always liked ones like this one on Grape or any of the other Boston Harbor Islands but this one has a special place in brain. As if I could just sit on this dock and everything would be “ok”… if for some reason it wasn’t.
I also like docks at marinas. Sitting on those docks and listening to the sound of the stays bang against the aluminum masts of the sailboats as the waves’ energy transfers from the water to the hull. Its a great sound. One that I actually have paid money for on a CD so that I could play that sound at night with the idea that I would fall asleep to it… Mission Accomplished! 🙂

So, hope you like the little walk about Grape this afternoon.
Hope you’re Living the Dream!