My Happy Place: Grape Island (pt 4.) Summer in Hingham, MA

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We take a walk around the north side of Grape Island in Hingham Bay. Part of the Boston Harbor Islands, Grape has always been one of my all time Favorite places to go during warm, sunny, humid days in the Summer.
*** It IS my happy place.
I’d love to learn about Your happy place(s).? I’m always looking for suggestions. Just the other day a buddy from High School (go Hingham Harbormen!) Eric, mentioned to me that his favorite place (at least as it relates to warm, sun and beaches) if the Caribbean. I’ve always thought that the Caribbean is “too expensive” BUT after traveling to Bermuda, I know that it’s possible to enjoy myself and Not be distracted by the price of everything. Getting an AirBnB is ALWAYS helpful in savings money and, at least in my opinion, allows for us to have a more relaxing time and feel less like a tourist…

So, where would you go if you didn’t necessarily need to earn a living by being there. I realize that many of us, all over the world, including Myself, do not necessarily live in a spot that is as ideal for emotional, physical and spiritual enjoyment as it is for making a living (a.k.a. generating income/revenue). So, I’m always searching for a way to Live My Ass Off and be in an environment where I can Live *and* Work and be so happy that I don’t spend many days at work, waiting for when I can leave the city where I work and live and go for 1, 2, 3… or *more* weeks “on vacation”… only to have to return to my locale of work to earn money so I can leave where I live to earn said money and enjoy myself… vicious cycle…
It really seems like a ridiculous paradigm at times. But, I get it. It’s what we do and I am conditioned to believe that if I live in a tropical paradise I am unable to earn the same decent living that I can when I am living in a city or environment where it is Less “tropical”… THAT also seems like a flawed way to thinking. As if the only thing people do when in a warm, tropical climate is goof off and have no real responsibilities… hmmmmm

Anyway, here’s me walking along the beach of Grape Island, trying to get some more clarity around that!

Thanks for watching, and remember, go Live The Dream.. cuz if you’re not, you’re doing it wrong!.