Gratitude List Success!!! and I sold my Unicycle, 38 years later!

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I am happy to report that about 24/36 hours later, I’m indeed feeling better. I’m not so much reporting on my emotional status BUT on the simple success of pausing and taking the time to do a quick gratitude list. Life is indeed about many things, BUT perspective is one of the factors that car really determine how happy I am (this may not apply to you, I’m not you). The act of reflecting on all the many things I have to be grateful for had TREMENDOUS R.O.I.

Secondly, I ended up selling my Unicycle on Craigslist. This may seem like a fairly uneventful thing but, as it turns out, reflecting back to when, why and how I was able to afford a Unicycle at age 11 was a great trip down memory lane. A story that was revisited by my Mum. Its great when Mum tells me of scenarios in my childhood ; times when I can once again, reflect fondly on, as well as obtain even more gratitude.

It’s a very blessed life! I’m honored to be alive and experience it for one more day.
Thanks God – I owe you a smoothie.

Hope you enjoy.