In a Funk 2.0 :: Time for a gratitude List!!!

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A long time ago I was given a recommendation that whenever I am feeling a bit down or sad or “meh” or having a pity party or feeling overwhelmed or …. I should stop and write out a gratitude list. So, as I make these videos as somewhat of a video-journal I thought doing a bit of a stream of conscientiousness discussion might get me out of my funk. So far, so good…

It is important to remember that 99% of the world wants my “problems”… I really am the “luckiest guy in the world”, if i get out of my head and just pause for a moment and reflect on just like 7 of the 1000’s of blessings I have in a life i GET to live.

…thanks for watching.

2 thoughts on “In a Funk 2.0 :: Time for a gratitude List!!!

  1. Mike – I am totally enjoying your videos. If found you from Andy’s site HoboTraveler which I have been watching for about 3 years now. My wife and I actually met at Coronado HS, went to the prom together and have been together now for 34 years. My wife is a flight attendant so we travel a lot. One of our trips was a month in Vietnam last year and I fell in love with the country and could live there today if my wife would move. I am a retired San Deputy Sheriff. I see you spent a lot of time in Thailand and that is our next trip. I am curious about your thoughts between the two and which do you prefer? We also spent some time in Spain this last which I also cannot get out of mind, but Asia seems to call me!

    Thanks and keep up the videos, they are great!

  2. Hi Marty – thanks for the message. “Small World” is probably the most appropriate thing here, eh? 🙂 I suppose my answer to your question (is like the answer to All questions) It Depends 😉 I loved parts of Vietnam and love parts of Thailand. I like the food of Thailand better BUT you can basically get Thai food in any major city in Vietnam. The cultures are different and depending upon what I am in the mood for I choose That country. I like Thai massages better. I don’t “drive on the left” as well as on the right. Thai is almost impossible to read, Vietnamese basically uses the roman alphabet.. with a few more tics and letters. I can use Uber in BKK as well as HCMC so that was cool. Thai cellular companies what roaming agreements with everyone, my phone works the second I get off the plane in BKK but NO phones roam in Vietnam.
    I can wire money into Thailand in seconds. Vietnam banks a bit “less trusted” however, my Schwab and Fidelity ATM/VISA cards worked everywhere but the withdrawl limits are lower in Vietnam. I have 2 bank accounts in Thailand – piece of cake.

    I could go on and on. feel free to email me [email protected] and I’d be honored to to chat more … on the phone as well.
    All the best,

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