Hong Kong: Kowloon Park Fountain

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This video is about our little stroll through Kowloon Park in Hong Kong. We start off near the fountain and make our may past an aviary with some spectacular toucans. When I Googled and YouTubed “Hong Kong” before our first trip, results like “Top 10 Things to do”, “Top 12 things to See”, “13 tips for an Awesome time in Hong Kong”, “Top 6 things to do during a long weekend in Hong Kong”, etc.. all came up as happens with all well known cities. For sure, Gracie and I engage in those activities… the “tourist attractions” right? They are cool… To some degree… They are entertaining for the most part and after enough weeks/months/years of travel you get good at avoiding the crowds and the lines and the nonsense… for the most part. There will ALWAYS be imperfections and as a guy on YouTube once said, “If you are not at least a bit uncomfortable, you are Not traveling… you’re just on vacation”. I prefer to travel as much as I can. During this trip to Hong Kong, our first trip, actually we did about 1/2 tourist stuff and about 1/2 just walking around doing travelers stuff. For sure I almost Never claim “living like a local”… I think that involves a commitment of at *least* one full month… however, in most places, I don’t think you can really “get it” until you have been there 3 months. That said, I have also discovered that coming and going several times can really expand your expertise. All of these videos finally made their way up to YouTube after several months of constant travel. During which time, both as a couple and solo, I traveled in and out of Hong Kong more than 3 times in less than 2 months. This also happened with several other South East Asian Cities: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur… and many others, you will see videos from.. and hopefully enjoy. Thanks for watching. As always, I hope you are Living the Dream, if you’re not, you’re doing it wrong!
Peace. 🙂