Hong Kong: Peak Tram Success!

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This video is about our journey to and our experience at Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. We took The Peak Tram up and back. Now, like about 99.9% of all activities, there are multiple ways of getting things accomplished, and many of the same level of enjoyment. Getting to the peak of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong can be done via public bus, taxi, and of course, walking but, arguably, the most popular “tourist-way” and the one probably most publicized on YouTube is taking the Peak Tram.
We have been fairly successful using and saving money with the KLOOK app w/in South East Asia for tickets and attractions and for sure, buying your Peak Tram tickets via KLOOK is our recommended solution as it keeps the price to $9 *and* that includes entrance to the Sky Terrace 428 – The “Original” 360 degree view terrace of Hong Kong/Victoria Harbor. Not having to pay an additional $26 HKD (~$2.25) to get into that as well as a few other little nickel & dime attractions removes distraction (in my mind) so, that’s also a nice plus.
The main benefit, in my opinion, is not having to wait in such a long line to get on the tram heading up the mountain. The Tram is made up of only 2 “cable cars” connected to one another and a motorized cable pulls it up the hill full of people and “lowers” it down the hill again… full of people, for the return trip. There is one track. While the whole journey only takes about 12 minutes each way, when you are waiting in line, in anticipation, you want to lower that wait time as much as possible.
So, Thank You, KLOOK: https://www.klook.com

As always, thanks so much for watching and joining us on our journey.
Live the Dream!