Mai Pen Rai… #serenityPrayer?

Of the 12 or so words/phrases I know how to say in Thai, Mai Pen Rai is a great one.  Loosely translated into colloquial US english I suppose it could be the equivalent of our “whatever”… the more proper translation I seem to here is “whatever will be, will be”… Pretty Buddhist, eh?

Here’s a cool site and description of some other Thai phrases and a bit more discussion on Mai Pen Rai

I went for a walk this morning at a beach south of where I live in San Diego: Imperial Beach and I started really appreciating the simple content that is available when I (maybe you too) are in acceptance of “whatever will be”.  Its comforting.  Powerful almost.

As with most posts, I try to share some of my experience, strength and hope so just wanted to do a quick check in after my walk.  I’m posting and uploading from Katy’s Cafe in Imperial beach.  I love this place.  I *highly* recommend the Vietnamese Latte.  When you come, tell Katy, Mickey says, “Aloha” 🙂

Welcome to Saturday morning.  stay tuned…

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