My Version of Thailand DOES Want Foreigners Here.. You’re Mileage May Vary. I get GREAT Mileage :-)

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One of the topics that I discuss on my channel from time to time (with Gratitude usually being the most common) is Contrast.
The contrast between MY experience lately in Thailand vs some of the reports and opinions of other foreigners, both on and off YouTube. From those who are YouTubers and those who are not. From those who write blog posts and those who do not. From those who have podcasts vs. those who do not….
I am going to share MY experience as its relates to the discussion around “Thailand Does Not Want Foreigners Here”. Well, that may very well have been and continue to be YOUR experience BUT, that has NOT been MY experience.
Comment on what your experience has been. BUT making statements with no foundational backing of actual personal experience is why there is the term “hearsay” in the legal profession. And, evidence, produced that can be labeled as “hearsay” has infinitely LESS integrity than that which is REAL. Feel free to share you experiences. Be them good or bad. Quoting snippets from a book that you didn’t even completely read or taking a statement out of context, simply to prove your clear confirmation bias is NOT actual experience and thus not really cause for debate.
I invite you to share some of your Experiences as I really do want to have an educated discussion around this topic.
Finally, if all you are going to do is complain about how bad it is here in Thailand then either Suck it Up or leave. With a constant attitude of negativity I can see why you might get the impression that the entire country of Thailand does not want your here. You are (consciously or not, intentionally or not) pushing people away with your ugly behavior.
Go to the next country, behave the same way, then, share YOUR experiences there and I would bet that you feel persecuted and think its everyone around you that is wrong and they are all trying to kick you out. Well, they probably are.. and for good reason.
You’re unwanted… and its all your fault.

I have empathy for you but no sympathy. Bottom line, if {insert current country name here} doesn’t want you in it, its probably for good reason and perhaps your SHOULD leave… I know your negativity is distracting ME from Living the Dream. and THAT is what I am here (no matter Where HERE is) to do.
Live the Dream. If you’re not, YOU Are Doing it Wrong… not me… not “them”.
Best of Luck.