Walking Pattaya North Road to the Beach Road, Pattaya Thailand

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I headed down to Pattaya from Bangkok for a long weekend in February to meet with some friends and just catch up.
To get there I too the Pattaya to Bangkok bus from the “Main” Bus Terminal in Bangkok right on Sukhumvit Road and Ekkamai (BTS).
In about 2 to 2.5 hours, it gets you to the bus station on Pattaya North Road. Just across the street from the Makro in Pattaya.
From there its and easy songthaew (Thai: สองแถว, meaning literally. “two rows”, RTGS: songthaeo, pronounced [sɔ̌ːŋ. tʰɛ̌w] or as most of us farang call them in Pattaya a “Baht Bus”, ride down to the Dolphin round-about. From there, you hop on the next Baht Bus route which runs from north to south along Beach Road in Pattaya (another 10 baht) BUT, today, and since my life is FAR from on a schedule and I have an enormous amount of free time, I decided to just walk. Even with a backpack and one piece of roller luggage at about 11am, on a sunny day in south east Asia, the heat was Very tolerable for me.
But, as most of you know, I “retired” to Thailand because I adore the weather! …as well as a number of other items that I have been referencing along the way.

See the Playlist where I’m keeping track of “Why Thailand:

** This was originally the live stream that I did, from my phone, using the StreamLabs Open Broadcast Studio or SLOBS app. Like several of my live broadcasts lately it was more of a test than anything else. I discovered that while this worked out “ok” and the quality was actually pretty decent as Live Streams go, for some reason about 6 minutes in, the first stream stopped and started a new live stream. In doing so, it essentially generates a new stream and thus a new video (file). I decided to combine the 2 videos and edit them down and add a few video links that I reference as it relates to Terminal 21, and other Thai vloggers. Like this one of Kev In Thailand and his VLOG on the Grand Opening of Terminal 21:

and a few others on Terminal 21 mall:
(Terminal 21 Food court) https://youtu.be/mA4dZpq7wmM

Hope you enjoy and as always, Thanks for Watching!!! Live the Dream!