Roxas Beach (part 2)

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After the typhoon near Jamindan and Roxas, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and it was a pretty nice morning.

Clearly we were not the ONLY people who thought to head out to the beach early that morning. I had no idea how many shells could be on the beach AND how many people think that tiny little clams? muscles? will make for a good snack.
This little clam-like things apparently are good when boiled in butter and garlic. Personally, I think that people just like the taste of Butter and Garlic and this is simply their way of eating it. HA!

It was a nice change in the weather and as I have mentioned before, the warm sun, air and breeze ALWAYS seem to make me so happy. Seeing Gracie and her Mum happy while getting all of these little pieces of food from nature made me smile Big Time.

Thanks for watching and following our journey.

Live the Dream!
~mikes & Gracie