Singapore 2018 – Gardens by the Bay / Skywalk

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I found some videos from last year.
This one is the afternoon that Gracie and I arrived in Singapore and explored the
Gardens by The Bay Skywalk at the Marina Bay Sands:

ACTUALLY, Facebook has been reminding Gracie and I with photos of where we were 1 year ago today in our daily feeds and I had completely forgotten that 1 year ago we were in Singapore… THREE TIMES from December 2018 through January 2019 for various reasons.
Once in December for several days of “vacation” and “exploration” and then another 23 hour-ish layover in early January and then again in mid January as I was heading home from my vacation w/in SE Asia I went to the Microsoft Ignite: The Tour conference at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Convention Center in Singapore. Truly an awesome place!
For sure, the ‘Sands has US prices of at least $300 USD room/night.
Equal to if not more than the cost of a hotel in San Francisco. A bit more than the “suite experience” you get when staying at the Venetian/Palazzo right next to the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas BUT for me, Singapore is ONE OF THE BEST CITIES IN THE WORLD!!!!
I do indeed Love Bangkok but if I was to work and do significant business, Singapore would be it for me! The hot/humid weather, the cleanliness, the easy of doing business, the Strong Singapore Dollar, the global respect the city/state has, the incredible public transportation, the Incredible Safety… AND THE HEAT!!! 😉
Now, for sure there is a down side. And a quite large one for many. THE COST.
Singapore is arguably THE Most Expensive City In The World.
*Especially* if you were to try to live in Singapore with a lifestyle similar to that of one in Southern California, meaning; 2 cars, 3-4 bedroom single-family home, etc, etc… The cost of the cars alone are that of a small house in San Diego because of the import duty.
At the end of the day, its an island that imports nearly EVERYTHING.
Now, for sure, the “import” some stuff from a few kilometers away and its not like China can’t ship items there faster than they can to Long Beach BUT there is significant import taxes on many things. For the most part, I consider it to have the same cost of living as Coronado, California… at latitude 1.
Thanks for watching.