Why I Chose Thailand (part 4)… It Felt Like HOME!

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I don’t know about You but, for me – and it seems like for most people I speak with – I would take about 2 vacations a year. Usually one Big one, maybe 2 weeks and if it was to a place I *really* liked, I might go back to that place (location) again. The following year. For example, I have friends and every Thanksgiving, the rent a house for about 10 days to 2 weeks in Kauai and go there. I’m sure you know of friends or families that do a similar thing. I know it was very popular where I grew up for families to rent a house and/or have a second home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and then would do there every summer.
So, If I were to go on my first trip to Thailand over the Christmas/New Year holidays and love it so much and then share that I will do that, again, next year – people likely would not find that peculiar.
What is DID do after this first trip to Thailand, because I loved it So Much, was I booked another trip for Another 2 weeks there, less than 90 days after returning from my first trip there.
Sure, this was my first big trip over to this “ASIA” place that was indeed quite different from just heading across the border to Canada or Mexico and labeling that as “International Travel”. This was the big time. This was a 12+ hour flight. This was flying over the Pacific Ocean. This was a culture so different that *anything* I had experienced before in North American. I LOVED IT.
So, after less than 3 months back in the US, I was back on a plane and back to Thailand in April of the year. This time to experience the Songkran, “Thai Newyear” a.k.a. Water festival. That I had only heard about up to this point. only seen a few videos and photos. Since experiencing my first one, Youtube is littered with a TON of videos of Songkran but also of the certain type of crazy that occurs in Pattaya for Songkran.
It essentially lasts a full week.
When Songkran is starting anywhere else in Thailand it is in full-swing in Pattaya. If you think you have been to a Songkran water festival in Thailand and you have NOT been to Pattaya for it then you have NOT experienced the most intense/crazy water festival nonsense… E V E R.
For me, at the time, it was AWESOME.
For me, now, its a very cool memory but not something I purposely attend.
In fact, like a lot of expats who like in Thailand, it is something that I purposely Avoid.
You can always get a great deal on condos in Pattaya for the week of Songkran because the guys who live there, get out of town for about 2 weeks around the whole Songkran-week in Pattaya to escape the crazy.
BUT at that time, it was just ONE MORE thing that made Thailand, MY THAILAND… my place to be… my Home.
So, wanted to share a bit about why the heck I chose Thailand and what added to that decision.
Thanks for watching.
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