Thailand Expat 90 Day Report, TM47 = EASY. Thai Immigration, Chaengwattana a fine experience at

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This has been my second experience at Thai Immigration. This time at the ENORMOUS building and Government complex of Chaeng Wattana.
It was a “walk in the park”. Each person I interfaced with was at a minimum professional and cordial, and at times, friendly and smiling.
As this was my first time at Bangkok Immigration I had pretty realistic expectations: I assumed that I would get there, not no where to go, be presenting with some signs of instruction as well as lack of instruction. I figured I would likely be confused at times, get impatient, and possibly frustrated.
I had Zero negative experiences.
Much like my experience I had at the Phetchaburi Immigration offices
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that Gracie and I went to when we were living in Cha-Am, the people were helpful and the process was actually quite efficient. I was treated with respect and at all times felt like if I had and questions, if was patient, then I would likely get an answer within a reasonable amount time.
So, after entering the building and filling out my TM47 form, I received my number in the queue about 9:15am waited from about 9:20am until 9:50am, so approximately 35 minutes +/- and was completely done with everything and sending Gracie a smiley-face in WhatsApp just before 10:00am.
Honestly, considering this was the first time I was doing a 90 days report and therefore I *needed* to physically go into the actual office, I cannot image a way that it could have been easier… I mean, sure, I could have been the ONLY person there and there could have been zero wait, similar to the experience when I entered the Land Transport Office
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in Phetchaburi Province when I got my Thai Driver’s Licences near Cha-Am, but really – this was More than Acceptable!!
So, once again, Thank You Thai Immigration!
I’m happy to say that I am GRATEFULLY Living the Dream in the Land Of Smiles.
Thank You Thailand.