Gratitude in our 40 sq.m. Condo in Bangkok, Thailand

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As I was uploading this the channel hit 701 Subscribers. Wow – THANK YOU!!!! I’m honored you follow our journey.
It’s amazing how a great night sleep in a new place – YOUR own new place – can really do wonders for the mood… at least this has been my experience.
As mentioned in a previous video (link here: )
my priorities have changed as have my needs, wants, desires, requirements and the like.
So, I was waiting for a buddy to meet me outside my place so we could head over to, at least what he refers to as “The Best night market in all of Bangkok” and thought I would check in and share a bit of my gratitude at having a cool new place. A place for Gracie and I to call “our own” at least for now.

As I have mentioned in previous videos, this whole “retirement” thing, while indeed it involves being in Thailand at the beginning, was, by design, set up to allow for travel and exploration. As the mighty team of me and Gracie as well as me as a solo traveler.

Its a real treat to be able to meet some of you and I made this particular video after meeting one of you earlier today.
J International (link to his channel here:
and I got a chance to meet up over near On Nut Road a.k.a Sukhumvit 77 and chat over some coffee, It was great to hear his successes along the way as well as share some of mine. We also chatted about the future of Thailand and how we both agree that the number of infrastructure projects is vast and widespread throughout the Kingdom.
Indeed, I’m still in my first year of living here full-time so I’m willing to accept that I might be sporting a pretty nice set of rose colored glasses but for now, I’ll accept that criticism and just share that I am grateful IN THIS MOMENT for the life it *get* to live here in the Land of Smiles.
The condo that Gracie and I have a 1 year lease on is in the Bang Na District of Bangkok. Bangkok is MASSIVE and there are pockets after pockets after neighborhoods affter sois of just great places to discover.. day after day after day.
As I’ve said MANY times, “I am *not* a city guy, but boy do I really like Bangkok.
…I type this as I sit by the pool of our condo, its about 6:30pm and there is a nice breeze which is distracting enough to keep the mosquitoes from landing on one spot for too long. So far, so good.
The weather is that of a Very Warm/humid summer night where I grew up (New England). Now I have pleasant memories combining with pleasant moments.
I’m Livin The Dream!
Hope you are too!
Thanks for watching… on our way to 800 Subs!!! 🙂