Tijuana Co-Working Space and Commuting to-from USA

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I went down to Mexico a few times over the last week. Mainly with the goal of figuring out how to stay with Gracie since she will be here (there) for 50 days. The Mexican Tourist Visa was fairly straight forward once we started the process. SEVERAL times the folks at the Mexican Embassy simply told use to “Just get a Schengen Visa and you can use that to get into Mexico…” Right… that’s kind of like saying, “Just get a US passport and you’ll be able to come into California for lunch…”
Easier for some, difficult for others. Personally, I think it is more of a way for Mexico to not have to bother issuing visas However, you do need to at least fill out some paperwork when entering Mexico, even if you HAVE a visa. Anyway, with Mexican Visa in hand Gracie will be in Tijuana the end of this week.
We’ll be hanging out in some AirBnB’s and possibly heading down to Puerto Vallarta or San Jose del Cabo/Cabo San Lucas or La Paz.

For now though, I’ll basically be staying with her in TJ and crossing the border in the mornings like many people do, heading up their jobs in the San Diego area.

This video shows a co-working space I discovered that is very close to the PedWest Mex to USA border crossing.
Co-Working Space: http://www.centroventures.com/wrk
Living Area: http://www.centroventures.com/lvng
Retail Space: http://www.centroventures.com/rtl

The Whole area – http://www.centroventures.com

Thanks, hope you enjoy!

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