Why I Chose Thailand – Part 2: Medical Care, The People!

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I’ve been taking some time, usually while at the beach here in Cha-Am, reflecting back on the beginnings of my trips to Thailand. It reminds me of the reasons why I am here. Certain events that happened in the first few weeks of my first trip to Thailand back in 2013 really set a foundation for why I am here. Initially it was because it was just SO different that many things I was used to in the US. Specifically southern California.
During this segment, which I’m calling “part 2” I reflect back on a motorbike accident I had, the medical care I received and the wonderful people that took care of me.
As the song goes, “Pattaya Pattaya… yeh, me love you Mak Mak”. Indeed that was the case. In fact, after this First vacation of three weeks, I didn’t even last 90 days back home. I was back on a plane for another 2 week vacation to the land of smiles…
I had NEVER done anything like THAT before.
Well, more details on that in an upcoming video.
For now, thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy and I hope you’re Living the Dream!