winning “the lottery”

Ok, so, you’ve just read the title of this blog.  What the hell does “Lottery” mean to

I  know when I made less than $30,000 per year I thought, MAN, if I could only make $50,000 one day, that would be sweet.  It would be soooo much money I’d be set!


When I  graduated in 1995 with my bachelors I was only making $8/hour as a part-time over-night & fill-in DJ dj12SRon a local San Diego radio station, 92.5 The Flash at the time… Magic 92.5 now.  And I had an internship as the radio station’s second engineer, read as: I worked for the chief engineer for FREE so I could learn what radio engineers do; short answer: you do everything from toilets to transmitters.

But, since I was about 13 years old, it was my dream… My Fantasy… to be a DJ at a top-25-market radio station AND be a Radio Engineer.  Well in 1996: Mission Accomplished!!!
At that same time, I landed a full-time gig as a radio engineer making $24,000/year!

I Had “Won the Lottery”… well maybe not financially but certainly emotionally.

Was I lucky?  Was it what I deserved because I worked my ASS off to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering?  Or was it simply because I was a member of the Lucky Sperm Club (i.e. I was lucky enough to be born in the USA, to wonderful parents)


I believe in working HARD.  I really like the feeling of accomplishment I get after a “job well done”.  I also Never look a gift-horse in the month so anything that I am simply lucky enough to have, I rarely take for granted and if possible, I like to share.

Some things I can share:  My knowledge, my smile, my experience(s), my time, my talent, my treasure… etc… my videos… my perspective…

Some things I CANNOT share:  My liver. my passport, my sobriety… etc…

I was walking down the beach the other day and it really hit me that *I* am THE LUCKIEST guy in the world.  I hope you feel the same about yourself.  I hope you are able to focus on the positive and see all the blessings your are lucky enough to have.

If the only kind of luck you feel like you have is Bad Luck then I invite you to CHANGE THAT! Start Now!  Do something about it…

What ONE THING could you do today to improve your situation??  Just one thing.  If all you can do is think about some poor guy or gal that his it worse off than you… well… fine.  Let that be the one thing.  Maybe you need to see a girl in a wheelchair with no legs to be grateful for your legs.  Fine. Start there!  Next, think about the other things you are grateful for without having to compare yourself or your life situation with someone else who *doesn’t* get to have something they probably should.  Dig?

Go Look In The Mirror.epic


The “lottery” you just won is that you are reading this blog.  At a minimum, that means you GOT to wake up and somehow get to the Internet.  I bet you can do ANYTHING you want… *IF* you want it bad enough.

once again, I *do* hope you’re Living the Dream.  If you’re not, you’re doing it wrong!  DO Something About it!

Now, go Live YOUR Ass Off!
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