Dominoes Pizza on Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

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We figured since we ate KFC in Ho Chi Minh hCity, Vietnam we could eat Dominoes Pizza in Bangkok, Thailand and feel equally as touristy. There is quite a big difference in “sizes: of things as compared to the US. I honestly think the Largest fountain drink you can get at a 7-Eleven in Thailand is equal to the Smallest “Big Gulp”. I think the Largest pizza we could order at Dominoes in Bangkok is about the size of a Small pizza in San Diego. HA! Classic.
Also, the “thin crust”in Thailand is INDEED thin! I think “thick crust” here is equivalent to a regular pizza back home. And, i *always* get “Extra Cheese” when here in the Land of Smiles… That way, I have a pizza with a “normal” amount of pizza. HA!

There are so many things I love about the USA as well as Thailand so its a real blessing that I get to travel back and forth between the two locations so frequently.

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