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Check out the latest video: testing a new streaming platform https://youtu.be/GQavPcrOf44

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Drive and Talk: Natai Beach, Khao Pilai Beach, Phang Nga, and Phuket, Thailand… all before 9am

Check out the latest video: Drive and Talk: Natai Beach, Khao Pilai Beach, Phang Nga, and Phuket, Thailand… all before 9am https://youtu.be/WfVUNP8GfyM

sponsored by AMAZ!NG Global Consultancy
For the most part, when I am “on vacation” (from my normal life of being on vacation) I like to get in at least 1 beach per day. Ideally, this will be a new beach that I have not been to yet. Some days though, I’m lucky enough to find such an awesome beach that I go back again for another look.
This morning, just after leaving my little hotel, I went for a nice walk in the morning, then drove to another beach and finally, headed across the bridge that connects the Island of Phuket (most accurately Koh Phuket) to the mainland of the Kingdom of Thailand.
After about 14 months living here permanently I am still thrilled to find new places, and explore for more!
Thanks for joining me on my journey.
Live the Dream


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